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Anodizing Services in Orlando

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide. The resulting finish – depending on the process – is the second hardest substance known to man. It’s second only to diamonds. The anodic coating is part of the metal but has a porous structure. This allows secondary infusions such as a dye, PTFE, etc.

Learn More About the Anodizing Process

When it comes to the anodizing process, it’s important you choose anodizing experts. We ensure your project is not just done right, but done right the first time.

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Anodizing Type II

  • Durability – Long life span, unmatched adhesion
  • Color Stability – Resistant to UV rays, won’t chip or peel
  • Easy Maintenance – No scars or wear, restore to original finish with mild soap and water
  • Low Cost – Lower initial cost, lower maintenance cost
  • Aesthetics – Larger color selection. Aluminum maintains metallic appearance
  • Health and Safety – Process not harmful to human health, will not decompose, is non-toxic and heat resistant

Common Applications of Anodizing

Type II anodizing is most commonly used for decorative purposes. It uses sulfuric acid to create the thicker surface on the aluminum part. Common uses of Type II anodizing include:

  • Aircraft Components
  • Architectural Parts
  • Consumer Good Products
  • Kitchenware

For the best results, we are NADCAP certified. We have the expertise to perform the anodizing process for defense, aerospace and military aircraft needs. Trust your projects with verified pros who have the know-how to deliver your results to your most exact specifications.

Why to Choose Our Anodizing Process

Elite Metal Finishing East applies 37 years of expertise to our anodizing process. Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality results paired with the best customer service. We work with leading aerospace/defense, commercial and industrial companies in Central Florida and across the country. Our unmatched expertise creates long-lasting partnerships with companies who trust and choose us for repeat projects.

Benefits of working with our experts include:

    • High Quality Standards
    • Fast Turnaround Times
    • Multiple Services with Just One Location and Contact
    • Latest Industry Knowledge
    • Fair Pricing
    • Decades of Dedication
    • Award-Winning Top Finishing Company in the United States

Choose Elite Metal Finishing East as your partner in the anodizing process. We actively partner with industry-leading groups to back our expertise. We work closely with you to find, validate and prototype during your process to ensure the best results.