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Additional Services

Abrasive Blasting: This process requires a forcibly propelled stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. It can be used to roughen or smooth surfaces clean, remove surface contaminants or prepare surfaces for painting. Elite Metal Finishing utilizes glass beads, aluminum oxide and plastic media and many other media in its abrasive blasting.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: This is a process that uses ultrasound and an appropriate cleaning solution to clean items. This process is very effective on parts with small recesses and/or holes.

Parts Marking Ink: This process is primarily used for the purpose of part identification. A two-component, catalyzed epoxy marking ink (A-A-56032) is used on metallic or other non-porous surfaces.

Laser Engraving: This process utilizes a laser beam to vaporize material to a user-controlled depth, creating a flat surface with a high quality finish. Unlike other engraving applications, laser engraving is a process that is entirely contact-free.

Silk Screen Printing: This is a process that can add detailed graphics on a large range of shapes and surfaces. It is quite a versatile printing method because of its affordability and its suitable application on most any metal surface.

Thermal Treatment to 500 degrees F

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