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Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing, or NDT, refers to a set of inspection methods use to analyze and evaluate the soundness of a material, without causing any damage to the item being inspected.

Elite Metal Finishing has an on-site laboratory to conduct non-destructive testing. Our NDT operators are certified in Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Inspection testing, all of which are conducted in-house.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is used for locating stringers, indications, inclusions and discontinuities on the surface and subsurface in ferromagnetic objects. The test can be used on a wide variety of materials, as well as various shapes and sizes. It is also an extremely economical type of testing that provides almost instantaneous results.

Eddy Current Inspection
BPS 4553, PRC 6509, STP 0528

Electromagnetic testing (ET) or more commonly known as Eddy Current Testing (EC), is relativity one of the oldest Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods that not only is in use today but is still looked at as a reliable test method. We can use the versatility of eddy current a variety of inspection techniques can be performed. One advantages is in part preparation requirements before the inspection, like the etching process, doesn’t need to be performed before Eddy Current inspection. We can use the eddy current testing method for:

  • Crack detection
  • Dry-lube or other Non-Conductive Coating thickness verification on conductive materials
  • The ability to find small cracks or other defects that are at surface or just beneath surface
  • The detection of small cracks and other defects in through holes, using a semiautomatic scanner
  • The ability to give immediate results
  • The Inspection of complex shapes and sizes of conductive materials

The personnel responsible for Eddy Current testing must be highly trained and qualified with a technical understanding of the application and limitations of the method along with equipment and materials that lend themselves to Eddy Current. Eddy Current personnel must also know how to apply the method to various test objects, with the mind set to understand the latest specifications procedures . We at Elite Metal Finishing have highly trained and certified personnel performing Eddy Current inspections making quality the main concern in customer satisfactory.

Pre-Penetrant Etching is a very light etching process used to remove traces of smeared metal introduced during previous processes, or light oxide layers that may have been formed. The Pre-Penetrant Etch assists in revealing discrepant conditions that would otherwise have been masked. Performance of pre-penetrant etching is driven by specification and/or customer requirements.

Magnetic Particle Inspection procedures are in compliance with: ASTM E 1444, AC7114-2, BPS 4075, DPS 4.704, PS 21201, BAC 5424.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Inspection is appropriate for finding discontinuities that are open to the surface, such as seams, porosity, shrinkage, weldment flaws, cracks and more. It is a popular method of testing, due in part, to its low cost. It too can be used on wide array of materials, as well as different sizes and shapes. The fluorescent dyes used are capable of entering minute defects that would not normally be detectable by the human eye.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Inspection procedures are in compliance with; ASTM E 1417, AC7114-1, BPS 4089, DPS 4.707, PRC-6506, PS 21202, STP53-201, ACS-PRS-7005, BAC 5423.

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