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Paint, Primers & Adhesive Primers

Paint: By definition, paint is a material used as a coating to protect and/or decorate a surface. When dried, it forms a hard coating. Painting and bonding aluminum is especially important in the aerospace industry.

Primer: By definition, primer is a substance used in preparation for paint or a top coat. Most, but not all, metals require some type of primer for protection against the elements, especially moisture. Metal primers include added substances to protect against corrosion.

Adhesive Primers / BR-127: By definition, adhesive primers are intended to help enhance the bond strengths of metal, primarily aluminum. Such primers can prevent hydrolysis of oxide layers, Improve hydrolytic stability at the adhesive to metal interface, and protect prepared surfaces from further oxidation. Properly prepared/primed surfaces have an indefinite shelf-life, allowing convenient bond scheduling. Permanently bonding various substrates can be an extremely difficult job. However, by using an adhesive primer high strength bonds can be easily and quickly achieved. Lap-shear and T-peel testing is performed “in-house” to validate the quality of applied adhesive primers.

Powder Coat: A robust coating which is applied electrostatically to a properly prepared base material, and then oven cured so that the particles melt/flow into a permanent protective skin. Typically this coatings is harder and more durable than standard “wet paint.”

Elite Metal Finishing prides itself on providing our customers with the very best in paints, primers and adhesive primers. We carry a wide array of paints and primers from manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Dupont, PPG Aerospace, Cytec, Cardinal, Akzo Nobel, Lord Corporation Aeroglaze, Transchem, Everlube, and others.

Our team of expert paint technicians looks after every detail to ensure that the job is handled correctly and completed on time.

Customer focused, one-stop shop for metal finishing.