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The Passivation process purifies and improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel by forming a thin monomolecular transparent oxide film. During the process, surface contaminants, created when stainless steel is machined and fabricated are removed. If allowed to remain, these contaminants could result in premature corrosion, which will ultimately damage the component. Passivation requires a two-step process; the first step is a complete and thorough cleaning which will remove all lubricants, greases, cutting fluids, oils and any other organic or metallic remnants. Second, the stainless steel parts are immersed in an acid solution of either, Nitric Acid or Citric Acid. Our technicians are trained to carefully control the process which is essential to ensure quality passivation. Those controls include bath time, bath temperature, solution concentration and water purity.

Elite Metal Finishing’s passivation process is available in two methods

  • Method 1 - Nitric Acid
  • Method 2 – Citric Acid

Advantages of Passivation:

  • A smooth and uniform finish
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Extended product life

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